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Simple Neck Exercise

Hi everyone! How are you doing today? Before I start, can I ask how many hours a day you are sitting in front of your desktop or laptop? 5 hours, 8 hours or more? Did you know with these long hours of sitting, it will cause our neck to be in pain? Are you in the scenario right now? If yes stop what you are doing and let’s do some simple neck exercise. Don’t worry it as simple as ABC. You can even complete these exercise by just sitting in front of your work desk. All these exercise steps you will need to count from 1 to 10.

Step 1:

Tilt your head slowly back till you feel the stretching. Hold on to the movement for a while. Slowly bring down your head to the original position.

Step 2:

Tilt your head down slowly this time. You will feel the stretching on your back this time. Hold on to the position for a moment. Slowly bring back to the original position.

Step 3:

It is time to turn your head to the left by counting 1 to 10. You will feel more stretching on your back. Then resume back to the original position.

Step 4:

This time, you will turn your head to the right side. With this you should be feeling the pulling on your left neck muscles and also the back of your neck.

Step 5:

Now you tilt to the side way of your left. You will feel how your muscles being stretch by doing this method.

Step 6:

For the last step, of cause it doing for the right side. Count till 10 and resume back to the original position.

You may repeat this exercise 3 times a day while you are working on your work desk. Simple and easy to remember right? Practice this more and you will feel the difference. With that, you can say goodbye to those neck pain and back pain. But if the pain still persist, please consult your doctor as this is to strengthen your neck and shoulder muscles.

I hope my neck exercise will help you to ease of those neck pains.

Good Luck.

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Veggi Mask

Hi everyone! It’s such a lovely day today. I am vegetables and fruits lover. Are you? And I love seeing my tomatoes, pumpkins, carrots growing behind my lovely garden. All these vegetables will be bringing in good nutritious to our body and build immune system. But are we missing something here? How about our external outlook like our face? Can these vegetables help us to improve as well? Hmm…..

Of course! Recently I have found some very interesting veggi mask. YES, now even your face can enjoy these wonderful nutrition from them. There are few types of varieties for you to choose from depends on your needs: –

Sea Kelp Mask – best for anti inflammatory skin. If you are having some sensitive skin, skin redness, sun burn or minor pimples you may want to consider trying this mask. It keeps your skin cooling.

Broccoli Mask – besides than berries providing you anti oxidant function, you may tried this broccoli mask. Something different from your daily berries smell. Leaving it more smoother and younger looking skin. Not only that, it also helps after your sun burn problem.

Carrot Mask – carrot will aid to brighten your skin tone by looking more radiant and beautiful.

Sweet Pumpkin Mask – to prevent your skin from saggy by lifting up your skin. Now your skin may look even “springy”

Chestnut Shell Mask – helps to removed dead skin on your skin surface by exfoliating. It’s best used after your scrub for better effect.

All these marks are made from natural ingredients. In order to see the results, it will depends on your skin type. But however, as I always mention even with these mask we should never skip our daily cleanser, toner, eye care, moisturizer and sun block. Not only that, we should have a balance diet too!

I hope you will enjoy my piece of blog to you.

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Dehydrated Skin?

Hi everyone! How are you doing today? I have been doing some traveling recently and I just love it. Different places with different excitements. But however there is one tiny little problem, my skin got dehydrated due to different weather conditions.Well, thank God I had my Clarins HydraQuench series.

So, what’s the goodness of this product? The HydraQuench Intensive Serum is the key of your dehydrated skin. It will moisture and replenish your skin where the serum will acts at all levels of skins and aid to restore the  thirsty skin with natural hydration. Not only that, it will soften your skin looking more comfortable and radiant! The new improved formula of HydraQuench series consist of natural plants like, Hyaluronic, Katafray extract, Sorbier bud extract, Inca peanut extract and Chondrus crispus extract which will helps to restore your skin’s moisture and prevent from dehydration.

Of cause we are not forgetting our moisturizers. Under this range, Clarins has divided into two types, gel and cream. My personal preference is the HydraQuench Cream-Gel type as it’s not too creamy and oily. But however, the HydraQuench Cream Melt type is more suitable for elderly people. As for the Cream-Gel type, it has a cooling effects that will turn into water once contact with your skin. Magical right? It also helps to tighten pores by assuring long lasting appearance. This Cream-Gel will not leave your skin looks oily after applying it but on the other hand it will absorb immediately.

If you are facing dehydrated skin, you have to tried Clarins HydraQuench Intensive Serum as you will feel the different on your thirsty skin. However if you have budget constraints, you may opt for other brands of moisturizers instead of the HydraQuench Cream-Gel that are available in the market. But not the SERUM!

Good Luck & Enjoy

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