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Flowers for Your Love Ones

Hi everyone! Received any flowers from someone lately? What is your reaction based on what type of flower you had received or determine by their color? Do flowers really have specific meaning? It all started because they comes in wonderful colors and people used them as gestures and symbols of communication especially with their love ones. There are many flower meanings and sometimes we even give special meanings based on our own story. But in the end the real meaning will still depends on how the sender communicate. So, make sure you say the right words!

However, some flowers you ought to take note as it does giving out strong meanings and feelings to your love ones. Send the right message and flower to them.


This flower show a symbol of friendship. Send a bouquets containing alstroemeria is to show the strength between you and your friend being bond with one another.


Amaryllis represent radiant beauty. By sending beautiful amaryllis flowers, you are telling someone he is a person whom is beautiful from inside and outside.


It is originally from Hawaii. Anthuriums is no other than giving a sign of hospitality. So, whenever you turn yourself in someone’s home, make sure bring some anthuriums to your host.


Asters are used to symbolized the element of patience. Usually it is more suitable to be sent to your clients to show your appreciation to them for bearing with you.


Reward to a hard working employee of yours with these lovely bouvardia. As these flowers represents the sense of enthusiasm.


Carnation represent the feeling of pride, proud and beauty. That is why during Mother’s Day carnation is  one of the favorite flower to be send.


Is the symbol of Sun. Chrysanthemum represent essence of fidelity. But do take note, DO NOT send chrysanthemum to Chinese as these flowers are usually used in funeral.


Daffodil represent the essence of chivalry. Give a bouquet of daffodils to your handsome man at work who always holds your elevator for you. Who knows you may get lucky!


Perfect flower to the newborn baby parents. As freesia represent the elements of innocence.


In Latin, gladiolus means sword and Roman gladiators. So no doubt it symbolized strength of a person character. Send these gladiolus as a token of respect to the person whom you admire on especially on their strong character.


One of my favorite flower. It is originally from Japan. Hydrangea represent feelings that is sincerely heartfelt. You may send these flowers to thank someone for their special kindness or to offer an apology.


Iris is a graceful flower where is it to show compliments. Compliment someone today by sending them irises. So, the next time you received irises they are giving you extra compliments.


Lilac is commonly seen especially during graduation day as they are to celebrate youthful and innocence. Best suit for high school graduates.


It represent wealth and pride. You may send these on someone’s wedding day to show and wishes them happiness and prosperity in all shades on life.


Orchid means, to leave a long lasting impression and someone special has captured your eyes. Sounds perfect after the 1st date.


This is also one of my favorite flower, peony. Today this lovely flower is chosen to say those three words “I Love You” well for those who are feeling too shy to utter the words.


For the brave and bold people, roses will represents the never ending feeling of love and passion for your love ones. Roses can be coney into various sentiments by the color and numbers. So, star counting the roses and pick the right color and make the strong statement!


Not enough with roses, add in statice to show someone you misses them too. It is also known as “Sea Lavender”. Generally statice is used in flower arrangements but by adding this, it would bring in double effect!


Bring a bouquet of stock home today to your lovely wife and tell her “She will always be beautiful to you”.


Sunflower symbolized longevity as they are always facing the sun. Present sunflowers as a token of your pure love to them.


Tulips is another way of you to express your love. You may send it on your anniversary or even just another day to tell her how much you love her.

So, now that you have an idea on what are the flowers you should send, what are you waiting for? Star sending your flowers to your dearest and love ones. But remember do pick up the right colors as you do not want to express the wrong feelings and expression.

Good Luck & Enjoy

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