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Malaysia Dive Sites

Hi everyone. Do you love diving like I do? Recently I have friends asking which local dive spots which they could not miss out. Well, in Malaysia, there are at least 5 dive spots that you have to visit. My personal favorite is:-

1. Layang Layang Island – it is also known as the “Swallow Reef”. In this island, you will expect to see hammerhead sharks, giant clams, starfish, moray eels, lemon sharks, hawksbill, whitetip sharks, barracudas, leaf scorpion fish and butter fish just to name a few. This dive site, is recommended to those who are intermediate to advance divers as you will required wall, drift and deep dives up to 40m. The best tie to dive in Layang Layang Island is between the month of March to October.

2. Sipadan Island – this is another great site for divers who are looking for adventures. Sipadan Island is rated as one of the top dive site destination in the world! How can you miss that? Here witness the whitetip sharks, grey reef sharks, moray eels, green turtle, titan triggerfish, giant wrasse, manta rays too! Best condition to dive at Sipadan Island would be April to mid December.

3. Perhentian Island – the gentle water will be ideal for beginner to advance divers as you can do shallow, wreck and deep dives as well. Perhentian Island you will see rich marine life like, lion fish, grouper, parrotfish, whale sharks, blacktip sharks, leopard sharks and barracuda. Ideal time to dive, March to September.

4. Tioman Island – is the most commonly known among local and tourist. Tioman Island is an island where you can visit from mid February to mid December. You can call it all year round. However, the marine life spotted here were not as rich as others. You can see bat fish, tuna, lionfish, crabs, dragon snails. Nevertheless, barracuda, sharks, parrotfish and moray eels still can be spotted depends on location and season.

5. Redang Island – if you are looking for a more luxury dive site, Redang is the answer. Expect to see green turtles, hawksbill turtles, barracuda, clownfish, blacktip sharks, christmass tree worms and many smaller marine life. You can either do beach dives, shallow and deep dives to discovered amazing life with your own eyes. Best time to travel, March to September.

Always remember to plan your dive trips ahead in order to avoid monsoon season. I hope you will discovered amazing marine life during your next dive trip.

Good Luck & Enjoy

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