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Rose Wine

on May 16, 2012

Hi everyone! Are you a wine person? How about some Rose Wine? Recently I have tried some great Rose Wine and I decided to share with all my friends. The best traditional Rose Wines come from Europe and especially from South of France. Rose Wine is very suitable to drink during the summer months. Its style, traditional dry, light and refreshing on a hot day. That is why, Rose Wine is also known as, “Summertime Wines”.

Let’s review my choice of Rose Wine for this season.

 Lil Rippa Waipara Glasnevin Gravels Rose 2011 – its a relatively dark color as to compare with the normal Rose Wine. It is like a summer salad of rich juicy red berry fruits. It’s not too sweet and its well balance as well. An ideal to match with a cold lunch of glazed ham with some chickpea salad bowl.

Hawkes Bay Rose, Trinity Hill 2011 – originally from New Zealand. Comes with a beautiful warm pink color. Full with red-currants, cranberries and strawberries. Hawkes Bay Rose give a fresh, smooth and ligh texture. Great for ladies who are looking for low alcoholic Rose Wine or maybe pair with some grilled salmon, Asian food style over the lunch hour?

Planeta Rose Sicilia, Planeta 2011 – this wine is light, fresh but full with notes on rose petals, strawberries and pomegranate. It can be pair with light pasta dishes or even with some fruits. Even mixed well with potato salad, fresh cheese and sushi. It’s originally from Italy.

Sancerre Rose, Vincent Pinard 2011 – this wine is from France. So expect to be a bit dry but its full with flavors of crushed strawberries. A small sip you can feel it’s freshness. To enjoy the fullness of Sancerre Rose Wine, just drink on its own.

There are various brand and flavors of Rose Wine in different countries. I am still looking and exploring for new wines with my close friends. If you have any good recommendations do share it with me. I will be more happy to heard it from you. In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy these Rose Wines recommendations.

Good Luck & Enjoy

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