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The Perfect Gown For Your Wedding Day

Hi everyone! It’s a lovely morning today and I heard ringing wedding bells. Are you getting married or planning to? I know, wedding is a very important day to all ladies out there no matter how old we are. We wanted to make it the perfect day of our life. From wedding cake to our wedding gown! Most brides have their own dream wedding gown but to find the perfect wedding dress that fit you, it’s essential for you to understand your body shape and figure. With that, you will feel more comfortable, feeling more and looking beautiful that you ever expected.

Let’s take a look at the few common body figures and shapes: –

Pear Shaped – tried to look for dress that gradually flares out in a A line formation from the natural waist to the floor. This will highlight and narrow away your hips and tights. A gown that comes with a spaghetti strap bodice or a V neckline will help to showcase a more slimmer upper body. Do not look for trumpet or mermaid style as it will draw more attention to your bottom.


Busty – look for strapless gowns which has a slight dip along the neckline. A ball gown wedding dress will also help to hide a bit. Or you can choose A line silhouette which you will be looking great. Avoid spaghetti straps as it will make you look more heavier.


Apple Shaped – opt for a body that have a lots of texture like lace details. This will help you to camouflage and fit snugly which will create a corset-like effect. A deep V neckline will help to draw attention towards the vertical and not horizontal. Remember avoid trumpet dresses cause you do not want it to emphasize your widest and flares body part.


Small Chested – with additional fabric will help to fill up your upper body and create illusion for curves. Tried look for lightly padded halter styles as it will help to do the trick too. For small chested people, it would be nice it you could get yourself a self adhesive silicone bra as it will provide a nice boost as many wedding gown are strapless and backless.


Petite – best is to keep it simple. Trumpet, sheath and modify A line dress would be fine for you. Find a higher waistline dress style so that it will help to lower half of your dress. Then you will appear longer and taller. Another thing is try to find small details instead of huge bows. Avoid any gowns that are calf length as this will make your legs look shorter.


Tall – the main purpose here is to emphasize your natural height and shape. Look for a low waistline and floor sweeping hem. This will definately reflect your long proportion. Tried to avoid ruffles and rosettes. Simple and elegant is best suits you.


Straight Line – look for a ball gown that cinches your natural waist and descends a full flowing floor length dress. This will capitalize your slenderness and camouflage a lack of hips. Or maybe you can tried a sheath dress that will cut on the bias.


Plus Sized – an Empire dress that begins just right under your bust and flows gradually to a floor length A line. Ensure that it does not start from the chest which later it will resemble as maternity wear. Tried to look for fabrics like satin as it will provide structure rather than too flowy.


Now that you have known your figure and shape, I hope you will find the perfect wedding gown for your wedding day. Remember always wear the right undergarments when putting or trying on your wedding gown as it will effect the outcome as well. And don’t be to rush when trying your gown as you want them to fit well and being comfortable. If you have the budget, special taylor your wedding gown, you will be looking gorgeous and beauty.

Good Luck & Enjoy

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Rose Wine

Hi everyone! Are you a wine person? How about some Rose Wine? Recently I have tried some great Rose Wine and I decided to share with all my friends. The best traditional Rose Wines come from Europe and especially from South of France. Rose Wine is very suitable to drink during the summer months. Its style, traditional dry, light and refreshing on a hot day. That is why, Rose Wine is also known as, “Summertime Wines”.

Let’s review my choice of Rose Wine for this season.

 Lil Rippa Waipara Glasnevin Gravels Rose 2011 – its a relatively dark color as to compare with the normal Rose Wine. It is like a summer salad of rich juicy red berry fruits. It’s not too sweet and its well balance as well. An ideal to match with a cold lunch of glazed ham with some chickpea salad bowl.

Hawkes Bay Rose, Trinity Hill 2011 – originally from New Zealand. Comes with a beautiful warm pink color. Full with red-currants, cranberries and strawberries. Hawkes Bay Rose give a fresh, smooth and ligh texture. Great for ladies who are looking for low alcoholic Rose Wine or maybe pair with some grilled salmon, Asian food style over the lunch hour?

Planeta Rose Sicilia, Planeta 2011 – this wine is light, fresh but full with notes on rose petals, strawberries and pomegranate. It can be pair with light pasta dishes or even with some fruits. Even mixed well with potato salad, fresh cheese and sushi. It’s originally from Italy.

Sancerre Rose, Vincent Pinard 2011 – this wine is from France. So expect to be a bit dry but its full with flavors of crushed strawberries. A small sip you can feel it’s freshness. To enjoy the fullness of Sancerre Rose Wine, just drink on its own.

There are various brand and flavors of Rose Wine in different countries. I am still looking and exploring for new wines with my close friends. If you have any good recommendations do share it with me. I will be more happy to heard it from you. In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy these Rose Wines recommendations.

Good Luck & Enjoy

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Art of Wearing The Perfect Bra

Hi everyone! It’s Wednesday and we are nearing towards the weekends! Yesterday I had a chat with my girlfriends on choosing the right kind of bra to wear on our daily clothing. Women have been wearing bra most of their years, but sometimes they still do make mistakes in choosing the right type of bra to wear. To me wearing a bra is like an art as they are lot’s of rules and regulation to keep up with. Don’t you agree? Let us find the right bra to wear for our daily cloths.

Clothing 1:

Sheer Black Lace Blouse or T-shirt – don’t ever wear a bra under the lacy blouse of yours. Instead wear a cropped camisole or strapless bra that blends in with the design/pattern. You will look much cuter and elegant with that.

Clothing 2:

Racer Back or Halter Top – used a good convertible bra that suit those tops style. And remember hide those bra straps when wearing a halter top or dress. You don’t want to look weird with too many straps on your shoulder.

Clothing 3:

Deep Plunge Neckline Dress – sometimes it might be a bit tricky to wear it but make sure you used the special stick on cups or U plunge bra only. You do not want those bra to over-shine your dress.

Clothing 4:

Sheer Top – never ever wear a white bra, lace bra or the bright bras underneath as the sunlight will expose all. You don’t want to look to tacky. Always uses the nude color if you are uncertain of it.

Clothing 5:

Strapless Dress – wear the strapless bra with of coz some push up effect. But remember if you are well endowed, do not wear those with heavy padded push up.

Clothing 6:

Wedding Gown – no other than the bridal bra/corset. It will mold and shape up the upper body into the desired shape for your perfect wedding gown.

Clothing 7:

Backless Dress – wear special bra that hook around your waist. You can even tried the adhesive bra too.

Clothing 8:

Silky Fabric – depends on what type of silk you are wearing. But always wear a seamless bra under those fabrics. You do not want those bra lines to appear on your lovely dress.

Clothing 9:

T-shirt – t-shirt bra of cause. Make sure you get the right size and cup. So worried no more of those tight t-shirt of your as, they will provide the smooth line underneath.

So, I hope the next time when you shop for your bras and briefs make sure you think of what kind of cloths your are matching with.

Good Luck & Enjoy

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